Feel Better ~ Live Better

with a soothing, relaxing massage to relieve pain & stress

A nurturing space for healing, rest, and inner peace.

Self-Care for Women

I am mindful with my work and use gentle, light to medium pressure to reduce tension without being forceful. I listen to your concerns to create sessions that allow you to “press pause” in a calm environment so you can begin to feel like yourself again.

What makes Unwind in Peace different from the rest?

Every session is crafted to melt away the heaviness of stress held in your body and mind. Hot towels, an eye pillow, complimentary upgrades, and refreshments are included to personalize your experience.


Relaxing Signature Massage

The Signature Massage is tailored to your needs and includes a variety of complimentary upgrades to enhance your overall experience.  Swedish techniques are integrated to promote deep relaxation, stress relief, and soothe muscle tension. 

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to ease the pain and discomfort experienced throughout pregnancy.  Massage therapy can provide many benefits such as reducing joint pain, back pain, sciatica, improved relaxation, and better sleep.

Meet Jamie

As a working mom, I know how important it is to have dedicated “me-time” in order to achieve overall health and well-being. 

I opened my massage practice to provide women with a unique self-care experience.  Giving women a serene environment to unwind from the stress brought on by everyday life.